Treat People with Respect
Group of Diverse People's Hands Holding Word Respect

Treat People with Respect

Treat people with respect. I can’t say this enough. You can respect everyone. You can respect differences, preferences and opinions. One of the main reasons people fight, argue and cut each other off is the lack of respect. When relationships are bankrupt of respect they open the door for abuse. Spousal abuse is the result of not respecting your spouse. Human trafficking is the result of not respecting the sanctity of life. Carjacking is the result of not respecting other people’s property. This is important! You are too valuable to lower yourself to a level that condones disrespect.

Mark 12:30 & 31 suggests that we love our neighbor as ourselves is the fruit of first loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength! When we strive to love God, we actually learn to respect each other along the way! It leads to fruitful relationships! Your home will be better. Your workplace will be better. Your health will be better. Stop making excuses and get to loving God & each other! #BeBetter


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