Traps, Triggers and Truth

I want to talk to the brothers today (ladies, keep on reading if you know and love a brother).  My message is simple and clear.  Brothers, there are MAN TRAPS all around you.  They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, fragrances and textures.  Think for a moment.  A TRAP is a device that’s designed to catch and retain animals.  TRAPS usually allow animals to freely enter in pursuit of a carefully crafted and well placed bait, but they don’t let them leave without injury.  Likewise, man TRAPS are devices designed specifically to attract, catch and injure men.  How many brothers have you talked to who felt attracted to an attractive option only to be caught up in a sticky web of deception and ultimately have their hopes and dreams detained by death-grips?  It’s most painful to watch brothers who work like machines while entangled in gambling or drinking or scandals or predatory sexual habits that bankrupt them of brilliant futures.  Have you ever watched an animal caught in a painful trap that was set to attract, catch and retain it?  The more it tries to free itself, the more pain is inflicted to it.  The intention of any TRAP is solely to afflict the animal so bad that it would be powerless and, subsequently, purposeless for the rest of its days.

Men, beware!  There are TRAPs waiting to be TRIGGERED all around you!  The enemy is superb at attaching the perfect bait to TRIGGERS in the TRAPS he has set for you.  He does not and will not use bait that is not attractive to you.  He will always use bait that you love to smell, see, hear, taste, and touch.  You don’t see the TRIGGER because all you see is the bait.  The bait is intended to blind you.  It’s the only way to lure you into the TRAP.  What’s your bait?  Is it money?  Is it sex?  Is it power?  Listen!  It doesn’t take much bait, just a little of the right bait on the TRIGGER, and you will spring the trap yourself.

Whether you are a brother or sister who is free or trapped, here’s how you recognize the bad bait in your life. 

First, follow Jesus!  It’s amazing how Jesus was tempted by the enemy, but because He could see the bait on the trap He was able to resist time and time again.  If we follow Jesus, He knows that we will always be tested, but He will clue us in to the trap that’s been set to make us powerless.  Jesus is the way, the truth and the life!

Second,Jesus is the TRUTH!  He was tested and tempted to death.  In no way can I attempt to normalize the temptations and testing of Jesus with ours, but what I can say is we are all tested and tempted by bait that is overpowering at times.  The only way we can successfully pass the test is to have the TRUTH operating in our lives.  Jesus is the TRUTH in a colloquial sense because He is the man!  He handled every TRAP that was set for Him.  If you and I are going to be the TRUTH, we must get to know Jesus better!

Lastly, TRUTH sheds light on TRAPS and their TRIGGERS.  Brothers, hang around other people who will tell you the truth.  Surround yourself with others who strive in integrity.  You don’t have to be perfect, just in pursuit of God’s TRUTH!  God knows, I have had my share of TRAPS set to take me out, many of which I escaped with cuts, bruises and limps.  It wasn’t until I was truthful with myself and others involved that I was liberated enough to GROW wiser, stronger and better!!!


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