The Love Dare Challenge!

The Love Dare Challenge!
The 2 n 1 Couples Ministry of Living Waters presents the Love Dare Challenge!

The fiery trials of life can burn you and your relationship out. With the Love Dare Challenge, you will be guided through 40 days of devotions and simple acts of love that will make your relationship fireproof!

Click here for a preview of what’s to come!

Because we are a community that loves and honors each other, we wanted to provide a forum where we can exchange stories or ideas and inspiration during this 40 day challenge.  Please feel free to post your heart out!

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Pastor O & Toi Blash

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    Day 2 and I am already being challenged! My unexpected act of kindness was to do something Toi normally does. I was the school bus this morning and transported Dest to school. I do believe I have a few more things up my sleeves! Hmmmmmmmmmm!


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    Chef J

    I surprised Angela with breakfast this morning from
    McDonalds. I took it to her job.

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    Day 2 was simple but defiantly very challenging. With Tony in Huntsville I had to think outside the box so I wrote a poem and emailed it to him. (I haven’t written a poem in over a year). Let’s just say today was really emotional.


  4. Toi

    Day 3: Love is not selfish…Let me hear from you all on this one…Reading the devotion itself was a forces “me” “us” to take a look at the man/woman in the mirror.. if you are honest with yourself…what do you see?

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    Felix D. Katt

    Okay, what me and the Misses have noticed being three days deep into the challenge are the things we saw in the movie and some of the suggestions in the book are things we have already incorporated into our marriage!! This morning the Misses car broke down on her way to work. In the past she would panic and call me and demand I do something!! Of course, I would become angry and then we would both be upset! After the incident was over both had to apologize for things said!! This morning though she didn’t panic or blow up at me! She knew exactly what needed to be done and did it!! When she called me this morning it wasn’t to “demand” I do something but to let me know she had everything under control and she was in a safe place waiting on the tow truck!! I was sooooo proud of her!!

    Even before we saw the movie “Fireproof” a lot of the principles demonstrated in the movie the Misses and I are already practicing!! We both feel there is still room for improvement and we will keep seeking God’s face on relationalship matters and of course continue w/our 40 day challenge!! Stay encouraged couples…it does get better…not with time but with love!!

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    You guys are funny. I just refrain from talking to my spouse so I will not say anything negative. ( too funny). LeVon and I have made good progress and if anything this is teaching us what was important is still important…not our way but God’s way. We are enjoying this challenge so far. I will be back next week for another report. LOL

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    Mama Mae

    Day 1 – patience for me was very hard, but I did hold my tongue. Patience is a virtue and I am trying to get there.

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    Day 4 of this Love Dare Challenge and I am struggling big time. I finally realize that I have been so busy serving others that my wife has been the recipient of my less than energetic service. I refuse to let my good intentions to want to see my wife successful prevent me from actually serving her every step of the journey! Good is the enemy of great.

    Toi, how might I serve you today and forever more?

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    Hello everyone,
    Let me first start off by saying that this Dare has been a great reward for me. It has opened my eyes so much to my wife and her needs. It has forced me to look at the opposite side of the spectrum and not just my own thoughts. Today’s read in particular has done just that. We, as men, think on a totally different level than women do. Our mindsets are geared usually toward completing one task at a time while women complete many at once. Thank you women for being our 2nd brain and helping us because Lord knows we need it sometimes!lol
    Yesterday, Day 3, was in particular a good one. The dare was to buy our spouse a gift. So I went out and bought my wife a down comforter and a set of new sheets. Now I know you’ll are thinking that hey, that sounds like it was a gift for the both of you. But in actuality, it wasn’t. Liz had been expressing that she was cold at night and wanted another comforter to help her sleep better. Needless to say, when I brought it home, she was very surprised and excited! That gave me the most fulfillment to see her happy and to know that she can sleep more comfortably at night.
    I can’t wait to complete the rest of this challenge!

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    @Kevin….you betta go……make sure ALL of your challenge buddies read your post :-)…. It has been awesome to read all of the post so far…WE will save our marriages, save our families, save our communities, …..turning the world upside down…

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    @ Kevin, I better run out and get a comforter set and the window dressings!

    @ all the fellas – you all are doing a great job and pouring your heart into this challenge! I pray that the love in your life increases exponentially!

    @ the ladies – you all have stepped up in a big way! thanks for your support and prayers!

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    Need your prayers!!!!

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    Moma Mae

    Day 7- really opened my eyes and my heart. I have spent so much time in the wrong room “Depreciation Room” that I forgot that the “Appreciation Room” existed. We dwell so much on the negative and hurt that we forget about the positive. I know for me, I would not have been around for 18 years if my spouse didn’t have some things that belonged in the Appreciation Room. I am locking the door and throwing away the key to the “Depreciation Room”. I will be spending my time in the “Appreciation Room”

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    Ok. We had a very busy weekend and unfortunately, I was the one who fell behind on the Love Dare. So I got up early this morning and caught up.

    Day 6 – Because I can be “high strung” at times, there is an inclination for me to be easily irritated. On yesterday, I had to bite my tongue until I saw RED. OUCH! After asking the Lord to help me say something nice, I discovered that He actually softened the situation so that we could talk. As a result, I discovered a strength that my wife has that is a benefit to our family.

    Day 7 – I am making my list and checking it twice… I will tell you this ~ I appreciate God for my lady! I am because she is!

    Have a great day!

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    I’ll admit, I fell behind like you Pastor O so I had to make some ground up. But now I can say I’m back on track too! I’ll speak on Day 7 and 8. Like Moma Mae says, we tend to spend alot of time in the Depreciation Room and not enough time in the Appreciation Room. As humans, we tend to focus on the negative aspects more so than the good. We were to make a list of the good aspects of our mate and the bad and honestly, I couldn’t name but two negative aspects about my wife. This is not to say that she’s perfect or that she doesn’t do anything to get on my nerves(because she does at times and I KNOW I get on hers sometimes too!lol), but I realize that if we didn’t things that were opposite of one another, we wouldn’t get along as great as we do. I love the things about her that sometimes get on my nerves because that’s just who she is. If I focus on what’s wrong and how much it gets on my nerves, our love and relationship would not continue to grow. I accept the those things and realize that if those things never change, it will be alright because the positive aspects are MUCH greater!
    In today’s Dare it says to burn the list of negative aspects so I’m throwing my small list away(because I can’t burn anything in this apartment!lol) and choosing to focus on the good and the accomplishments of my baby and stay in the Appreciation Room!

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    Lorina Gack

    Thank you for the sensible critique. Me and my neighbor were just preparing to do some research about this. We got a grab a book from our local library but I think I learned more from this post. I am very glad to see such great information being shared freely out there.

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    Liz Harvey

    The Love Dare….wow! What an experience!! I can truly say that it has inspired me to look at things in ways I hadn’t before. I enjoy all PF the task and how it pushes you to be creative, daily even if it’s just in how you say things.
    We still incorporate day one…kind of kidding with each other..”Patience….” hilarious, but it brings to attention how sometimes it’s best to just stop and take notice and talk.
    I am truly blessed by this experience and sharing it with others!
    Today is “cherish” and I truly do cherish my husband…he is a wondeful man and my best friend. Ladies, let’s cherish our men and pray for them even more!
    Blessings and I’ll check back in next week!

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    Olen Blash

    Day 23-The love dare challenge has been a experience!!!!!!!!!! I learned that it is difficult to identify the very 1 habit or vice I would give up to make my relationship more intimate with my wife. I had to think long and longer to come to grips with the fact that my relationship is more important than my number one habit! Yessssss! Toi, I am going to work on me! Lord help!

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    Moma Mae

    Wow, It would appear that no one finished the “Love Dare”. The last posting was on the 23rd day. I will be honest and admit I fell short around the 24th day and I haven’t been back on tract since. Did we all give up?

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