Thanks for giving!

Have you taken time to put into perspective all of the many miracles God has worked in your life?  We tend to look for the “big” miracles while overlooking the “little” miracles.  Let me remind you that no miracle is a “small” miracle.  Simply, a miracle is a miracle.  In God, your life becomes the canvas on which His miracles are displayed and conveyed for the entire world to see.  Would you take the Mona Lisa and place her in the attic or basement of your home?  Would you take your family portrait and place it in a closet?  No, you would place these works of art in a place for the world to see and appreciate!  Likewise, it is our responsibility to display the many miracles God has performed in our lives in such a way that all of the world can see and appreciate its value.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  You are the greatest miracle ever!  Your life and story is the greatest miracle ever!  Lastly, the “biggest” miracle of all is that saturating and unconditional love God has for you!  Take some time to personally give thanks to God for your life by sharing your story with at least one person.

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