A Special Sermon for Home 4 the Holidays

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We need your help.  As we speak, there is a family facing eviction and we have to stop it.  How?  We need at least 1000 people to click the button below and donate at least $1 by December 20th.  To give more than $1, simply increase the Quantity.  For your generous donation we want to share a recent message with you entitled “Jumper Cables”.

Jumper Cables

Description: It has been a fast-paced year for many of us.  Such a year can take a lot out of us and leave us tired and in need of some down time.  Before you run out of energy and break down, it is time to reconnect with God so that He can recharge your life!  Despite how you feel, God wants to reconnect with you and recharge your family and friends.