Slam on BRAKES!

This morning, I was on my way to take my daughter to school.  What great joy it is for us to commute together.  As were whisking along on a gently winding back highway, our conversation was flowing with laughter and silliness!  All of a sudden, the Honda minivan in front of us slammed on brakes.  Oh, no!  Instantly, I slammed on brakes.  My heart started racing.  My eyes widened.  All of the stuff on the back seat spilled onto the floor.  My daughter shouted, “Daddy, what’s going on?”  I could hear tires screeching as our Yukon came to a sudden halt.  Sweeeeew.  We escaped without incident!  I wanted to be angry with the person in front of us who slammed on brakes for seemingly no reason at all.  Isn’t it interesting how we want to define what should have been a good reason for others to slam on brakes?  In reality, the reason they slammed on brakes may never be good enough for me to understand.  Then it dawned on me!  I can’t worry about why they slammed on brakes.  What’s important is that our brakes worked when we needed them the most!  Thank God for our brakes!  We were able to avoid an accident simply because our brakes worked.

It’s apparent that you and I enjoy speeding through the twists and turns of life.  Speeding in the curves will kill you.  Right now, we as a country are in a sharp curve as we try to turn the economy around.  Right now, we as a people are in a sharp curve as we try to turn our lives and relationships around.  If we don’t slow down, we are going to crash in the curve.  In Matthew 20:29-34, Jesus encountered two blind brothers who wanted to see.  In order to get their sight, they needed their blindness to turn into sight.  They slammed on brakes!  While they were stopped on the roadside, Jesus saw them and slammed on brakes!  In order to turn their blindness into sight, Jesus had to slam on brakes!  He stopped and turned their blindness into sight!  Jesus knows exactly where you are on the highway of life.  I hear tires screeching as He comes to a stop to turn your situation around!  It does not matter what you are facing right now, Jesus wants to turn your life around!  After the blind men’s lives were turned around, they followed Jesus!  Simply put, Jesus turned your life around so that you will love following HIM!  Let’s go!

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