Peace, be STILL!

Peace, be STILL!

           Jesus invited the disciples to go across to the other side.  In this instance, Jesus did not tell them to go ahead of him, rather He climbed aboard.  Listen to these prophetic words.  Let us go to the other side.  If you are going to move from point A to point B, if you’re going to move from one level to the next; if you’re going to move forward in life, you need Jesus to climb aboard.  You need Jesus in your heart so He can guide your heart.  Get the picture, He was on-board the boat with the disciples, but there were other boats following Him.  While going to the other side to fulfill the prophetic words of Jesus, there was a great windstorm that arose.  The wind pushed the waters.  The waves pushed water into the boat.  The water pushed the disciples to turn to Jesus.  “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?”   

         Many people feel like the disciples.  Jesus, do you not care that we are drowning.  We are drowning in fear.  We’re drowning in despair.  We’re drowning in hatred.  We’re drowning in sin.  We’re drowning in disasters.  We’re drowning.  Do you not care that we what we’re going through is killing us?

         Jesus said, do I care?  You can’t sink because I’m holding you up!  You can’t sink because my love is lifting you right now.  You can’t sink.  We’re going to the other side.  I declare you will not drown.  You will live and not die.  You will survive and thrive.  You will conquer.  Let’s go to the other side!

         Jesus woke up and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Peace!  Be still”.  The only thing making the disciples feel like they were dying was the storm.  But it wasn’t the storm raging outside of them.  It wasn’t the wind blowing around them.  It wasn’t the water jumping in their boat.  The real storm was raging inside of their hearts!  They didn’t believe they were going to make it to the other side.  They didn’t believe they were going to live through the storm.  They didn’t believe they were going to live through the opposition.  Their unbelief caused a storm inside of them!  Faith trying to move them forward.  Fear driving them backwards.  They were tore up by the storm inside of them. 

Jesus spoke to the storm around them and the storm inside of them!  Peace, be still.  He rebuked the water and spoke to the sea.  Peace, be still.  And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.  Jesus is saying in our lives today, Peace, be still. 

Peace in our troubled homes.

Peace in our crumbling work places.

Peace in our sick bodies.

Peace in our divided states of America.

Peace in our flooded cities and states.

Peace in our faith.

Peace in our finances.

Peace in our fitness.

Peace in our hearts.

Peace in our churches.

Peace in our pulpits and pews.



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