IMAG0741Takiyah Gibson, Ministry Leader

We are determined to change the world around us. We realize that change is often slow, but we must start with one life at a time. If we can change one life, that life can help us change the community. If we change one community, that community can help us change the city of Atlanta. If we change one city, that city can help us change this country. We must reach out and change the lives around us, one drop at a time!

Service Opportunities!

Atlanta Women and Children’s Day Shelter

One of our passions is to serve the women and children that are homeless.  December 4th, we served at the Atlanta Women and Children’s Day Shelter.  Thanks for all that came out and supported our efforts! We love you!

We fed the firemen of East Atlanta!

We were delighted to serve the firemen of East Atlanta some of Living Waters.  Connect with the next opportunity to serve this Friday, April 8, 2011.  Contact Takiyah Gibson at 404.374.1209 for more information.