Lord fill me up!

Get full of God's word and wisdom!

Every day, millions of cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles across the land coast into one of a variety of conveniently located gas stations.  The demands of our busy lives cause us to crisscross our cities and states, not only leaving us worn out, but leaving our cars worn out and nearly empty.  As a matter of fact, many of us pull into garages or parking lots each night thanking God we didn’t run out of gas on the way home.  We get up the next day, praying to God to allow us make it to one of the many gas stations we passed on the way home the night before.  Just before we run out of gas, we coast into the gas station for a “FILL UP!”  Sweeeeeeeeeeeeew!  A dear friend of mine, Felix, was talking about how he never allows his car to get below the half full mark because it costs too much to fill up once it’s sitting on “E”.  I heard God speak loud and clear!  Spiritually, many of us are walking around empty and don’t have to be.  We are just coasting through our days with no real power.  What a shame…  We are beautiful, but barren.  We are sharply dressed, but starving.  You can be filled each and every day!  Here’s how!  Every morning, all you have to do is open your Bible and read it.  I know you were waiting on some hocus pocus answer, but I don’t have one for you.  If you read God’s word daily, you will never drop below the half full mark.  If you want power!  Just open your Bible and read!  God’s word is full of OCTANE to give you power for victorious living!  Join us as we read the book of Matthew!  1 chapter per day!  Let’s get filled up!

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    Catherin Thakur

    I sincerely wish other people feel the same way.

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