Life can be demanding. We have families, careers, business ventures and a host of other things that are constantly pulling for our attention. In the middle of meeting deadlines and planning parties, we lose ourselves in the shuffle. We forget to breathe and ignore our appetite for life and living. We start to yearn for authentic relationships, a safe space and just a release from the everyday.


That is why being connected to a Living Well Group is an essential piece for your life; they give you just what you need at the right moment in time. Living Well Groups allow you to actively be a part of a Christian community outside of the Sunday morning experience. The benefits of being connected are endless! You get to:  


1.   Engage in a community of people that relatable and welcoming; 

2.   Enrich your experience as a believer through studies of the Bible and other resources;

3.   Cultivate authentic relationships; 

4.   Have a safe space for you to unwind and be re-charged;



Living Well Groups help you become a better version of yourself! LET US GROW AND GO TOGETHER! 

Living Well - East

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Living Well - West

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