Lift Me Up

Lift Me Up

“For he will hide me in his shelter in the day of trouble; he will conceal me under the cover of his tent; he will lift me high upon a rock.”‭‭Psalms‬ ‭27:5‬ ‭ESV

There is no feeling more uncomfortable than being uncovered. We don’t like being exposed. Instinctively, we will seek shelter and cover almost at all cost. When Adam and Eve sinned and fell short of God’s expectation for their lives, they saw that they were naked. Bigger than that, for the first time in their lives, they felt uncovered and insecure. Understand, it’s the enemy’s goal to convince you that sinning and going against God’s desire for your life is the best thing for you. Unfortunately, it leaves you feeling uncovered and insecure. Remember, Satan complained about not being able to get at Job like he wanted to because God had him covered with a hedge of protection. When trouble comes, and it will, David said, “God will hide us in a shelter”. HIDE doesn’t mean to be powerless or cower from imminent trouble. It means to become one with a God who is stronger than the trouble you face, problems you have or odds against you. He hides you in His strength. He hides you in His power. He hides you in His might.

I was talking smack at school one day, and Ellis Brown, the school bully said he was going to whip me after school. Honestly, I was afraid. Well, I talked smack all the way up until the bell rang at the end of the day. Then I did what any scared 8 year old ought to do, I ran to the principals office. Ellis stood outside the door of the principals office pounding his fist, but not my face!!! He couldn’t touch me because I was covered by the principal and the principal had more power than me, more strength than me. I hid in the shelter in the day of trouble.

God covers you in trouble so He can lift you up. 

 He hides you. He conceals you. He lifts you high upon a rock! That’s how Adam and Eve must have felt. They sinned. They messed up. They fell short of the glory of God. They hid themselves under a fog leaf. It was a low place in their lives. They were trying to restore their covering to feel safe and secure again. But God in his infinite love and mercy, sacrificed an animal and covered them. In other words, God covered them to lift them from despair, discontentment, disappointment and devastation. He’s covering you to lift you! He’s covering you with healing to lift you above your wickedness. He’s covering you with His presence to lift you above loneliness. He’s covering you with His riches in glory to lift you above everything you lack. He’s covering you to lift you! Elevators cover you to lift you! Planes and shuttles cover you to lift you! God covers us somHe can lift us!

God lift us today. We’ve been living too low. Lift us with your love and mercy. Lift us with your compassion towards us. Lift us with your powerful right hand. Lift us with joy unspeakable. Lift us with peace that surpasses all understanding. Lift us up ,where we belong.


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