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It’s YOUR Turn!

It’s the start of a new year and many wonder what makes this year different from last year.  Well, the Difference Maker has already made the difference available for you!  Now, you have to take advantage of your turn!  The stage has been prepared and the time is now for you to realize your dreams and capitalize off the seeds you have sown in the past.  Here are 3 things you can to to maximize your turn in 2014.

1.  Be Ready: There is the potential for everyday of this year to be better than the day before.  The only way you can recognize if the days get better is to be prepared for a better day!  Here’s how to be ready each and every day for the greatness it has to offer.  Get MAD!  Get your MINDSET pointed towards your dreams and healthy habits.  Get involved in progressive ACTIVITIES that enrich your life with great ideas, people and resources.  Get DECISIVE about what you want to do.  Indecisiveness causes more delays than weather, weapons or wrongs done to you.  Make up your mind and stop wasting time.

2.  Be Rested: Say it with me, “Rest is my friend.”  Now give yourself a hand!  Rest doesn’t always mean sleep.  It means sitting in the park watching life go by or reclining in your favorite chair and watching the flat screen you spent a lot of money on or closing your eyes and listening to your favorite Pandora station until it asks if you are still listening.  Rest means, stop doing stuff and chill all the way out.  Resting is the only activity that recharges your body, replenishes your mind and and rewards your spirit.  Be RESTED so that you can be READY for your turn!

3.  Be Regular: I already know what you are thinking… be regular on the toilet.  Well, that’s healthy, but I’m talking about being regular or consistent with rewarding activities.  Read affirming books, magazines or blogs regularly.  Watch inspiring movies, documentaries or sitcoms regularly.  Listen to funny music, poetry, messages or conversations that makes you laugh regularly.  Be with people who build your confidence in YOU regularly!  If you become REGULAR then you will reap the rewards!  Being REGULAR gives you the much needed confidence to perform when it’s your turn!

Be Ready.  Be Rested.  Be Regular!  It’s your turn to be great!  It’s your turn to be loved!  It’s your turn to be successful!  It’s your turn to be the best!  Simply put, it’s YOUR turn!

In the FLOW,
Pastor O


Husband, father, pastor, preacher, teacher, innovator and motivator!

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