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Don’t be the best at being the worst

There are about 5 habits we unintentionally adopt which have the potential to work against us.  They mysteriously encourage us to become the best at being the worst.  Here are a few of the habits we adopt that make us the best at being the worst:

  1. Overbooking our schedules:  Overbooking your schedule leaves you very little time to get important things done.  Also, overbooking shows poor stewardship of your time and welcomes others to do the same.  Give yourself time to get things done and time to think about how to get them done.
  2. Neglecting your priorities:  Your priorities are important to you because they are your priorities!  If you took the time to make and mark a task, goal or dream as a priority in your life then commit to keeping it a priority.  Sure, there will be other things that pop up, but if you only tackle the things that pop up then a the end of the day you will be miserable.  Take care of your first things first!
  3. Trying to be everywhere: Be where you are!  Trying to be everywhere means that you are no where.  By focusing on the task at hand with all of your energy and might, you can complete it so that you can move on to the next task.  We try to be in multiple places because we have left stranded action items.  Try giving yourself an allotted amount of time to get tasks done.  If you don’t complete them, put them in another time slot.  This will allow you to be where you are!
  4. Trying to please everyone: As people, we naturally want to be accepted and liked by the people who either support us or can become our supporters.  Let me help you out: People can be ardent supporters of your cause without liking you.  Take care of your cause or focus and the people will love supporting your cause or focus.
  5. Making excuses: There are blogs, books and websites on the art of making excuses.  Stop subscribing to or reading them.  Take accountability for your success and stop giving power to excuses.

You don’t have to be the best at being the worst.  You owe it to yourself to be the best you can be so STOP overbooking your schedule.  STOP neglecting your priorities.  STOP trying to be everywhere.  STOP trying to please everyone and STOP making excuses.


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