Three reasons to support Living Waters!

1.  Invest in what you see!

(Malachi 3:10) What if you could help rid the world of poverty, crime and wickedness?  You can help right now!  

When you invest financial gifts into Living Waters, you are actually contributing to the spiritual and physical improvement of people and communities in the Atlanta Metro Area!  It is our aim to see 50% of the people in Atlanta in a loving relationship with God!  Can you see what a wonderful city Atlanta will be when God saves, employs and improves the people?  Invest in our work and see your contributions make a remarkable difference.

2.  Increase our ability to serve!

(Acts 2:42-47) There is a great need for creative ministry that reaches beyond common place and tradition. We, including myself, are tired of boring and predictable ministry.  Why not be apart of the solution?  

Together, we can radically redefine the way ministry is done so that we can reach those who don’t even think about God, let alone church. By giving to this ministry, you extend our reach and capability of meeting the needs of people in creative and long-lasting ways.

3.  Expect to celebrate!

(Proverbs 11:25) “A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.”  

When you give to Living Waters, prepare for God to give to you.  Givers are gainers!  Press the donate button above and start gaining!

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