Are you hot?

What does 93, 93, 93, 92, 91, and 93 all have in common?  Ironically, they are the temperatures in the Atlanta Metro area for the past six days.  We are half way into the summer season and mercury is already swelling to the top of thermometers.  Digital thermometers in our automobiles are flashing “HOT” as they compute just how hot it is outside.  We are already running for cover from the scorching  sun while choosing to stay inside enveloped in the comfort of chilled air.  A few seconds outside and beads of sweat begin to form on our brows as our bodies try to cool itself down.  I think all of us can resonate with the fact that it is HOT outside! 

While meteorologists are concerned about our physical temperature and how it affects us, I believe our Maker is concerned about our spiritual temperature.  Are you HOT?  We serve a God who desires for us to be spiritually HOT.  John the Revelator chastised the church in Laodicea for being lukewarm (Revelation 3:16).  Because they were neither hot or cold, God desired to spew them out of His mouth.  God is looking for some HOT Christians.  Well, if you are spiritually cold or lukewarm then it is time to heat things up in your life.  Let’s raise your spiritual temperature!  In order to be a HOT Christian, you have to be Holy.  We are charged to be Holy because God is Holy (Leviticus 4:45).  This is a call to be set aside for God’s use.  The closer we walk with God the more we resemble Him.  Spending more time reading God’s word, listening to the Word of God and increasing your prayer life will lead to Holiness.  You have to be Holy and Obedient.  In 1 Samuel 1:19, we are encouraged to be “willing and obedient”.  Yeah, most of us are willing go to church but not all of us are obedient to God’s word.  It is the combination of willingness and obedience that allows us to partake of the “good of the land”.  Our obedience to God is an indicator of how much we love Him.  On one occasion in John 14:15, Jesus said to His disciples “if you love me, keep my commandments.”  You have to be Holy, Obedient and Trust in God.  The world has taught us not to trust anything or anyone.  God requires that we trust Him with all our heart and depend solely on Him for direction in life (Proverbs 3:5-6).  Contrary to popular belief, He is the greatest leader! 

So as the summer heats us, go ahead and sweat!  Sweat spiritually that is and let the world know that you are a HOT (Holy, Obedient and Trusting) Christian!  Now that’s life at the waters!

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