The Year of Momentum-2014

There are at least 30,000 people all around Living Waters looking for a life-changing experience with God.  They have searched to the point of exhaustion and come up empty handed.  It’s not that there aren’t great churches in our city, because there are many!  People are looking for a particular type of church that “gets” them!  It’s going to take an amazing amount of collective creativity in order to reach the “UNCHURCHED”, GEN X, OUTCAST, STRUGGLING SINGLES, UNFULFILLED and the “I JUST DON’T GO TO CHURCH” in our city.  God has designed Living Waters with that unique blend of creativity and Christ that will not only captivate you, but compel you to desire more of Christ in your life.  We will accelerate God’s way!

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LWBC Identity Statement

We are a community of Christian believers who are crazy in love with God. We are refreshing in our approach to meaningful ministry because we don’t settle for tradition. We are relentless in our pursuit of God’s presence, power and provisions. We are real people who are constantly challenged by the WORD of God to grow spiritually, emotionally, and economically. As a result, we are water walkers, mountain movers, and healers of the wounded. We strengthen the weak empower the powerless and love the people! We are turning the world upside down for Christ. Who are we? We are the Living Waters Bible Church!